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"Blood Or Bread" WWI Home Front Rationing Poster by Henry Raleigh (1918)

"Blood Or Bread" WWI Home Front Rationing Poster by Henry Raleigh (1918)

This food conservation poster by Henry Patrick Raleigh for the US Food Administration in 1917 urged Americans to change their eating habits due to the need for grains for export to Europe. The message was to eat only what was necessary and reduce waste to support the war effort. The poster advocated the 'doctrine of the clean plate' to save food and lives for overseas allies. Raleigh was an exceptionally talented and well known illustrator and commercial artist doing work for the Sat. Eve. Post and other publications.

This is an exceptional example of the strong, emotional style that Raleigh brought to his work.

Size*: 21" x 29"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Linen backed. Prior to linen backing, the poster had some small edge chips which were repaired by a professional restorer. This is an exquisite poster.

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Poster Text:  Blood or bread. Others are giving their blood. You will shorten the war - save life if you eat only what you need and waste nothing. United States Food Administration - Raleigh - No. 16 - Forbes, Boston
Tags: WWI   Home Front  
Artist/Designer(s): Henry Raleigh  
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