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"Columbia Calls" WWI U.S. Army Recruitment Poster by Francis Adams Halstead & Vincent Aderente (1916)

"Columbia Calls" WWI U.S. Army Recruitment Poster by Francis Adams Halstead & Vincent Aderente (1916)

Featuring art of Columbia (an early symbol for America) standing on a globe and holding a flag and a sword, this poster also includes a poem by Francis Adams Halstead (one of the artists). Interestingly, at the top of the poem is a swastika. Of course, in 1916, this was in no way a negative symbol, for this was long before Adolf Hitler thought to adopt this sign as the symbol of his Nazi party.

Size*: 30" x 40"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Linen backed. Colors are strong and vibrant. Prior to linen backing there were some border chips, and a 2" tear in the bottom margin. Both were well addressed in restoration and linen backing and are difficult to see now.

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Poster Text:  Columbia Calls - Enlist now for the U.S. Army - Nearest recruiting station. COLUMBIA CALLS DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES Awakel ye men from dreams of Peace-- Nor sleep when danger's near, But fling Old Glory to the breeze- There are no cowards here! Our fathers fought; like heroes died. For years their blood they gave That honor, home and Peace be ours: Awake! Thy country save! Our flag for honor ever stands To lift the weak. to lead the free. America, our blessed land, Is calling, calling thee. From North to South; from Sea to Sea, I hear the answering cry: "Thy sons forever shall be free For thee will live and die!" Then fling Old Glory to the main Beneath her stars enroll For cowardice shall never stain The glory of her folds. The Stars and Stripes shall lead us on A mighty host for right-. That Peace shall reign forevermore And war from Earth take flight. Frances Adams Halsted - Designed by Francis Adams Halsted - Painted by V. Aderente
Tags: WWI   Army   Recruitment  
Produced by:  U.S. Army  
Artist/Designer(s): Francis Adams Halstead   Vincent Aderente  
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