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Come Back Charleston Blue Vintage US One Sheet (1972) - ORIGINAL RELEASE

Come Back Charleston Blue Vintage US One Sheet (1972) - ORIGINAL RELEASE

Includes snipe that reads: "Those 'Cotton Comes To Harlem' Cops are at it again!" It's unclear if this snipe was intended for this one sheet or not. However, when I purchased it, it came folded up with the poster. I have no idea if this adds value or not, so I am pricing on poster alone.

Size*: 27" x 41"
Condition: Very Good
Folded. Minimal fold wear.

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About the movie...
Plot:  Sequel to Cotton comes to Harlem. Another bad influence is hitting Harlem and Gravedigger and Coffin Ed are the two cops who will stop it. Charleston Blue was a prohibition era black gangster, dead 4 decades. When he seems to have...
Genre:   Action   Comedy   Crime  
Director(s):  Mark Warren  
Cast:  Godfrey Cambridge   Raymond St. Jacques   Peter De Anda  
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