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Fantasia Vintage US Lobby Card (R 1942)

Fantasia Vintage US Lobby Card (R 1942)

This card has a stamp on the back that indicates it came from the legendary "Cozy Theater" collection! Also note that there is a stamp on the back that reads "FROM THE COLLECTION OF Michael R. Hawks", who most would consider the premier lobby card collector and expert in the world.

A note about Fantasia's release year:

Fantasia had a very limited roadshow release which took place in several theaters with special audio equipment installed for the "Fantasound" system. This release started in late 1940 and continued into 1941, and these theaters often used home-made displays for the film. Throughout 1941, RKO negotiated with Disney to make a much shorter version of the movie in mono which could be shown in theaters without the need for special equipment. Disney finally agreed, and let RKO create a heavily edited version (he refused to edit it himself) which was released in early January of 1942. Regular posters were printed with a 1941 NSS number (it's not uncommon for films that are released near the start of a year to have a NSS from the previous year), and that is when the film had its first general release. So almost ALL of the known "first release" posters are from the 1942 continuous first release (with 1941 NSS numbers). The only pre-1942 advertising that we have seen are window cards, 8x10 stills and heralds from the theaters with the special "Fantasound" equipment.

Lobby cards were distributed to theaters typically in sets of eight (though sometimes could contain more or even fewer). A complete set can typically include one title card and several scene cards (though later films would sometimes forgo a title card). The title card typically included the title of the film, the production company, the main actors, and director.

Size*: 11" x 14"
Condition: Very Good
There is an enlarged pinhole in the center of the top blank border and a tiny tear in the right of the top border, with a few faint smudges and stains in the blank borders. Otherwise, the card is in really nice condition.

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About the movie...
Plot:  A collection of animated interpretations of great works of Western classical music, ranging from the abstract to depictions of mythology and fantasy, and settings including the prehistoric, supernatural and sacred.
Genre:   Animation   Family   Fantasy  
Director(s):  James Algar   Samuel Armstrong   Ford Beebe Jr.  
Cast:  Leopold Stokowski   Deems Taylor   The Philadelphia Orchestra  

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