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"For Every Fighter A Woman Worker" WWI YWCA Poster by Ernest Hamlin Baker (c. 1918)

"For Every Fighter A Woman Worker" WWI YWCA Poster by Ernest Hamlin Baker (c. 1918)

For Every Fighter, A Woman Worker, draws on the new role women played during World War I. This poster was commissioned by the Young Women’s Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.), as part of the United War Work fundraising campaign of 1918. The Y.W.C.A was the first organization to send administrative workers overseas to assist the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I. Posters like this one dealt with the new image of women and their roles in a way that contributed to the war effort without being overtly liberal in the sense of gender equality. WWI era America was a boon to the woman suffrage movement and eventually turned the tide in favor of the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1919 and 1920, respectively.

Size*: 41" x 28"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Linen backed. The following issues were addressed in restoration: Closed tear in center lower margin into image (still visible); chipping and tears to edges.

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Poster Text:  For every fighter, a woman worker - Y.W.C.A. - Ernest Hamlin Baker - Back our second line of defense. United War Work Campaign. The United States Prtg. & Lith. Co., N.Y.
Tags: WWI   Women In Wartime   YWCA   Home Front  
Produced by:  YWCA  
Artist/Designer(s): Ernest Hamlin Baker  
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