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"For Their Future" WWII War Bonds Poster by Albert Henry Munsell (1943)

"For Their Future" WWII War Bonds Poster by Albert Henry Munsell (1943)

The poster features a mother and child sitting in a grassy field with a young lamb. The mother is holding the child, who is petting the lamb, and both are looking up at the sky. The poster's message is to encourage people to buy war bonds to support the war effort, with the idea that doing so will help secure a better future for children like the one depicted in the poster.

The poster's imagery and message are meant to appeal to people's sense of patriotism and responsibility to future generations. The use of a peaceful and idyllic rural setting with a mother, child, and lamb is a common theme in war posters from this time period and was intended to evoke feelings of security, innocence, and hope for the future.

Overall, "For Their Future, Buy War Bonds" is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made during World War II and the importance of supporting the war effort through buying war bonds.

Size*: 22" x 28"
Condition: Good to Very Good

Folded. There are fold lines with some minor paper loss, and a small paper separation at the top cross fold.

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Poster Text:  For their future! Buy War Bonds - U.S. Government Printing Office 1943-O-513138 WSS 779
Tags: WWII   Bonds and Stamps   Home Front  
Produced by:  U.S. Government Printing Office  
Artist/Designer(s): Albert Henry Munsell  
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