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Fox Movietone Entertainments Stock Poster Vintage US One Sheet (1930) - ORIGINAL RELEASE

Fox Movietone Entertainments Stock Poster Vintage US One Sheet (1930) - ORIGINAL RELEASE

Movies with sound! This 1930 stock poster was for promoting feature films with sound from Fox. They used this "Movietone" system for several years, because Fox was slow to embrace all-talking movies, and Movietone was in effect a recorded soundtrack that played together with the movie (primarily music). The large blank area at the center of the poster was for adding in the title of the feature the theater would play that day. By not imprinting a title, a frugal theater owner could reuse this poster over and over. We've never come across another of these in 30+ years of collecting.

Really cool piece of film history!

Size*: 28" x 41"
Condition: Good
Rolled. Linen backed and restored. Prior to restoration the poster was rated in fair to good condition. Restoration repaired the following defects: The poster had extra folds near to some of the folds, at a slight diagonal. There were some tears and paper loss scattered along parts of many folds. There were pinholes, stains, tears, and some small paper loss around the edges. It appears that a large snipe was glued over the center blank area (surely with movies the theater was showing), and when it was removed, it caused tears and stains throughout the center blank area. The poster was pretty well backed, but you can clearly see signs of the above defects and the restoration of the above defects.

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