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"I Summon You To Comradeship" Red Cross WWI Home Front Poster by Leo Mielziner (1918)

"I Summon You To Comradeship" Red Cross WWI Home Front Poster by Leo Mielziner (1918)

The words on this poster, taken from a quote in a speech given after a surprise appearance at a Red Cross parade during their "Second Fund Drive" in May, 1918, are spoken by president Woodrow Wilson, whose gray sketched profile looms in the background, staring without emotion at the viewer. Beneath him is his signature and the small, red logo of the Red Cross. The image of one's president looking at and speaking directly to them, asking them to donate to the Red Cross, is simple and without flair. The promise to join the "comradeship" is enticing and, indeed, the largest part of the text, but the persuasiveness of the poster seems to lie in Wilson's gaunt image, the idea being that the American viewer will feel compelled to obey their president.

Size*: 20" x 27.5"
Condition: Good to Very Good

Rolled. Never folded. It has a line of creases at lower center and under those creases the poster has slightly discolored under that area. Some yellowing from age.

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Poster Text:  I summon you to comradeship - Woodrow Wilson - Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call for Universal Membership - The U.S. Prtg. & Lith. Co. N.Y.
Tags: WWI   Red Cross   Home Front   Charity  
Produced by:  Red Cross  
Featuring :  Woodrow Wilson  
Artist/Designer(s): Leo Mielziner  
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