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Walt Disney's Seal Island Vintage US Complete Lobby Card Set (R 1949)

Walt Disney's Seal Island Vintage US Complete Lobby Card Set (R 1949)

Only 4 lobby cards were produced for this movie, and this is the complete set. It was quite common for studios to only make sets of four for short subjects or low budget movies.

Lobby cards were distributed to theaters typically in sets of eight (though sometimes could contain more or even fewer). A complete set can typically include one title card and several scene cards (though later films would sometimes forgo a title card). The title card typically included the title of the film, the production company, the main actors, and director.

Size*: 11" x 14"
Condition: Good to Very Good

Title card: brown craft tape on the back, but has not bled through to the front. Small 1/4" tear on bottom border toward left corner. Some light soiling on right border. Embossed by N.S.S. in lower right corner. Corner and edge wear.

Card #2: Pinholes in corners. Light scuffing in image toward middle right border. Light soiling on lower left. Corner and edge wear,

Card #3: Small 1/2" tear on right border. Light soiling on the right border, near lower left corner and on left in yellow surrounding the Oscar. Also a small mark below the tear on left border. Corner and edge wear.

Card #4: 1" tear on top border to the right of middle. Pinholes. Brown tape on back, but no bleed through of adhesive. Corner and edge wear.

Some writing on back of all cards, but no bleed through to the front.

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About the movie...
Plot:  The first of the True-Life Adventure featurettes. Fur seals arrive on the Pribilof Islands for the purpose of mating. The older seals are known as bulls and have "harems" of females which they protect very seriously. The younger male seals get together, train themselves to fight, and then help each other overthrow the bulls to become the new masters of the harems.
Genre:   Documentary   Short   Family  
Director(s):  James Algar  
Cast:  Winston Hibler  

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