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"Sure! We'll Finish The Job" War Bond WWI Home Front Poster by Gerrit A. Beneker (1918)

"Sure! We'll Finish The Job" War Bond WWI Home Front Poster by Gerrit A. Beneker (1918)

The Victory Liberty loan was the fifth and final war bond put into action for the relief of World War I. When the Victory Liberty Loan first opened, the war had actually been over for five months; nonetheless, United States infantrymen remained overseas and depended on continued support from the country until it was safe to return home.

This specific poster accurately illustrates the response that the United States Treasury was looking for in the people at home because it is telling them what they need to do to finally bring their boys home.

This is characterized in Beneker’s poster by featuring a working man proudly digging into his pocket to give his money for yet another Liberty Loan. He dons four pins on his overalls that he received from the previous Liberty Loans he purchased and there is no question that he will be receiving another one. The headline that reads, “Sure! We’ll Finish the Job,” is supposed to be the words of the people and to encourage them to buy the bond that will literally finish the war and their contribution to it.

Because the man is dressed in plain overalls and a work shirt that is not associated with anything specific, it appeals and is directed to the working class, farmers, and anyone who does physical labor that might identify with this character. It also gives the impression to the wealthier classes that if this working man can give his money, then you certainly can too.

Size*: 26.25" x 37.75"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Linen backed. Small soiled spot to left of man's head. No paper loss, colors are strong and bright.

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Poster Text:  Sure! We'll finish the job - Victory Liberty Loan - Gerrit A. Beneker 1918 - Edwards & Deutsch Litho. Co. Chicago - 1-C
Tags: WWI   Bonds and Stamps   Home Front  
Produced by:  Victory Liberty Loan  
Artist/Designer(s): Gerrit A. Beneker  
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