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"There's No Place Like Home" Defense Bonds WWII Home Front Poster (1941)

"There's No Place Like Home" Defense Bonds WWII Home Front Poster (1941)

1941 U.S. World War II (WWII) War Bond poster ("1941 Industries Cooperation Series") encouraging the public to purchase defense bonds and stamps to help the war efforts. The government wanted to save money on printing, so they left a blank rectangle at the bottom of the poster, and they made contracts with various companies to print large numbers of each design of this poster with each different poster carrying an ad for a company in that bottom area.

Size*: 15.25" x 20"
Condition: Good

Rolled. Linen backed. The poster had water staining in the bottom left corner, extending into the title, with some small brown stains in the lower left of the image. It had some water staining in the middle right. The restorer backed the poster "in the European style", meaning that they did not do restoration to the defects described above.

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Poster Text:  There's no place like HOME - United States Defense Bonds and Stamps. This poster contributed by Hygrade Lamps, Hygrade Sylvania Corporation. 1941 Industries Cooperation Series.
Tags: WWII   Home Front   Bonds and Stamps  
Artist/Designer(s): Unknown  
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