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"Together We Win" WWI Home Front Poster by James Montgomery Flagg (1917)

"Together We Win" WWI Home Front Poster by James Montgomery Flagg (1917)

Home Front poster featuring James Montgomery Flagg artwork of a worker walking arm-in-arm with a sailor and a marine, showing the importance of the workers at home. This poster was created by the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation, which had a mandate to acquire, maintain, and operate merchant ships to meet national defense, foreign and domestic commerce during World War I.

Size*: 29" x 39"
Condition: Good

Rolled. Linen backed. Poster was never folded. Linen backing restored the following defects: It had much light staining and creases in the top blank area, with creases extending into the top of the heads of the two men at right. It had light horizontal creases scattered throughout, likely from being roughly handled while rolled. After linen backing the poster acquired some light water staining in the top 12" of the right blank border. This being a rare poster, it might be a good candidate for further restoration. However, it will still display well as is.

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Poster Text:  Together We Win - United States Shipping Board - Emergency Fleet Corporation - Issued by Publications Section, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia, P.A. The W.F. Powers Co. Litho, N.Y. - James Montgomery Flagg
Tags: WWI   Home Front   Industry   Navy  
Produced by:  Emergency Fleet Corporation  
Artist/Designer(s): James Montgomery Flagg  
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