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"Women's Liberation Movement" Political Poster (1970)

"Women's Liberation Movement" Political Poster (1970)

This poster, created in the 1970s and often displayed in headshops, is a powerful symbol of the Women's Liberation Movement. This movement, which gained momentum in the 1960s, sparked a global conversation about gender equality and helped bring about significant changes in society.

The poster features a Day-Glo orange female symbol, which encircles an equally iconic raised fist. The image is striking, and it represents the passion and energy of the era's political and social protests. Notably, the Kent State massacre occurred just a few months before the poster's creation, on May 4th of the same year. The connection is particularly poignant because Pro-Arts, the producer of the poster, was founded in 1967 by two Kent State dropouts.

Size*: 21" x 30"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Minor edge wear. Colors bold and striking.

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Poster Text:  The Women's Liberation Movement - Liberation Copyright 1970 Pro Arts, Inc. Medina, Ohio
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