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War Savings Stamps WWI Home Front Poster by William Balfour Ker (1917)

War Savings Stamps WWI Home Front Poster by William Balfour Ker (1917)

"Your Money Back With Interest" An appeal on behalf of the United States Treasury to support the war effort by purchasing War Savings Stamps. Costing between ten cents and five dollars, War Savings Stamps provided options to support the war depending on economic class. Because of their relative affordability, advertising for the stamps commonly targeted immigrants and young children. Ker’s image combines these two audiences into one sentimental image that is simplistic in terms of color, but brimming with subtle detail. A long, tight line of lower-class men and women dressed in culturally diverse attire is shown waiting to purchase stamps from Uncle Sam, who graciously tips his hat in appreciation. The attention of the viewer is guided downward by the looks of the people who have had their own attention captured by a cute toddler hoisting a miniature American flag. The patriotic child is positioned just slightly above the textual justification given for purchasing stamps, “Your money back with interest from the UNITED STATES TREASURY.” Thus, in addition to deploying emotional resources to persuade the audience, the poster also argues that purchasing stamps from the government is a sound financial investment.

Size*: 40.5" x 30"
Condition: Very Good

Rolled. Linen backed and restored. Border chips and tear repaired and touched up. Some soiling and smudges in the borders. Was folded at one time, but smoothed out during linen backing.

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Poster Text:  Buy United States Government War Savings Stamps - W.S.S. For Sale Here - Your money back with interest from the United States Treasury. S-11 - Reproduced by the Strobridge Litho. Co. Cincinnati & New York.
Tags: WWI   Bonds and Stamps   Home Front  
Produced by:  U.S. Treasury  
Artist/Designer(s): William Balfour Ker  
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